‘The Accused inflicted injury on a Chinese over poor pay and collected...

‘The Accused inflicted injury on a Chinese over poor pay and collected his iPhone’- Court remands Mechanic for robbery


A nineteen-year-old Mechanic has been remanded by an Accra Circuit Court for robbing a Chinese man of his mobile phone.

The Accused, Anthony Bansah, after assaulting the Chinese Businessman, robbed him of his iPhone valued at three thousand Ghana Cedis (GHȻ3000.00) the Prosecution said.

Anthony was accordingly charged with robbery but he denied any wrongdoing. The court, presided over by His Honour, Aboagye Tandoh remanded the Accused into lawful custody to reappear on Friday, the 22nd of April, 2016.

Background to the Case

Presenting the facts of the case, the Prosecutor, DSP Kweku Bempah told the court that the Complainant, Bai Xiaoyong, a Chinese businessman is a supervisor at Rong Chen Company Limited while the Accused, Anthony Bansah is a mechanic with the said company.

The Police Officer also said that on the 8th of March, 2016, at about 7:00am, the Accused and his colleagues reported for work as usual, adding that at about 2:00am, the Accused sneaked to the back of the factory and used a long metal bar to create an open in the wall leading to the engine room of the factory.

DSP Bempah further stated that the Accused then passed through the open wall into the engine room, adding that the Accused changed his attire to all black and switched off the plant that controlled supply of water to all the manufacturing machines in the factory.

Prosecution also indicated that the Complainant rushed into the dark engine room with his iPhone six plus mobile phone to work on the machine. The Police Officer added that immediately the Complainant entered the engine room, the Accused held his neck from behind and used a fully charged teaser on the neck of the Complainant to overpower him.

The Accused also bit the left ear of the Complainant which resulted in an injury. In the process of inflicting injury on the Complainant, the Accused forcibly collected the iPhone valued at GHlȻ3,000.00 from him and escaped through the open that he created in the wall, the Prosecutor said.

DSP Bempah told the court that the Accused hid the phone under a container in the yard, adding that the Accused quickly changed his attire from all black into his green singlet and shorts and entered through the main gate to the bathroom where he remained for thirty minutes before showing up.

The Prosecutor also said that a distress call was made to the Police that robbers had entered the factory so Police responded and during interrogation of all the workers, it came up that the Accused was the only one whose whereabouts was not known to his colleagues at the time of the attack.

The Police Officer asserted that the Accused was therefore arrested for interrogation and upon examination on his body, bruises and blood stains were discovered, adding that upon further interrogation on how he sustained those wounds, the Accused broke down and confessed to the crime with the excuse that it was in protest of demand for pay increase which the Chinese had refused to do. The Accused led the Police to retrieve the phone which was kept under the container, the black clothing and the metal bar, and thereafter was charged with the offence of robbery.