‘Personal safety requires individual and national response’- Lawmakers cry for security

‘Personal safety requires individual and national response’- Lawmakers cry for security

Member of Parliament (MP) for Subin Constituency, Isaac Osei

Member of Parliament (MP) for Subin Constituency, Isaac Osei has reminded the State that personal safety is primarily a responsibility of the individual but there are national security implications which require a national response.

The MP said this on the floor of Parliament when he delivered a ‘Statement on Personal Safety- a matter for all of us.’

He lamented that ‘we have had many incidents in the past where citizens have been attacked in the sanctuary of their homes, citing the recent attack on Hon. Dan Botwe, MP for Okere, who was robbed whilst a gun was pointed at his head in his home.

Touching on highway robberies, Hon. Osei also stated that ‘in addition to criminals who break into homes to steal, maim and kill, there is also a class of people who ply our highways looking for prey, adding that it goes without saying that highway robbery impacts negatively on the travelling public and puts their personal safety at risk.’

The Lawmaker further indicated that ‘another matter which has perennially claimed lives and destroyed property and which remains the bone of contention between the people of Asante Akim and Fulani herdsmen has to be the broader issue of the interface between grazing land and farmlands. ‘We know that farms have been destroyed, cattle shot and personal safety of residents and itinerant herdsmen has been jeopardised, women have been raped and other people have been killed or maimed’, he recounted.

On political violence, the NPP MP enunciated that ‘some of us politicians by what we say and do often inflame passions which can lead to violence and affect the personal safety of our people. He reiterated that ‘these acts are only those of uncouth small-minded people with archaic ideas, adding that in his view there is nothing like political violence, stating that violence inflicted on others, no matter the arena, except perhaps in boxing, is criminal and ought to be treated and considered as such.’

The Subin MP advised that ‘we should be mindful of our immediate surroundings and be on the lookout for suspicious characters idling around our homes or for cars following our vehicles for long periods so that a report can be made or evasive action taken.

Hon. Osei also suggested that ‘the installation and use of CCTV cameras in private homes and especially on public streets and highways is something worthy of consideration for implementation, adding that this will help in tracking some of these criminals in our midst.

‘Mr Speaker, whilst we wait for our leadership of this august House to resolve the issues of police protection for MPs as pertains in other arms of government, it is useful for every MP to make himself/herself known to the local police where he or she lives, he urged.

The MP who is on the Minority side of the House also said that ‘the swift application of the laws of Ghana in prosecuting offenders whether they are highway robbers, break-in assailants or political thugs will help restore confidence in the police force and the judicial process of the country.’

Some Members on both the Majority and the Minority sides associated themselves with the Subin MP’s statement.