Parliament: Business Statement for the Second Week

Parliament: Business Statement for the Second Week

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Ghana’s Parliament has adopted the Explanatory Memorandum on the Business Statement for the Second Week of the House which will end on Friday, May 27.

The Committee of the House has programmed the Education, Youth and Sports and the Roads and Highways Ministers to respond to questions asked of them. The three Ministers are also expected to attend upon the House to respond to nine questions during the week.

On Thursday, the 26th of May, the Member of Parliament for Fanteakwa South Constituency, Kofi Okyere-Agyekum will ask the Minister for Education the stage of work on the Public University to be built in the Eastern Region.

The Member of Parliament for Ofoase/Ayirebi Constituency, David Oppon-Kusi will on Friday, May 27 take his turn to ask the Roads and Highways Minster what arrangements are in place to ensure that roads constructed under Cocoa Roads Improvement Project are maintained to ensure that they remain motorable.

During the week, Ministers of State may be permitted to make Statements of Government policy. The Speaker, Rt. Hon. Edward Doe Adjaho may also admit Statements to be made in the House by Hon. Members in accordance with Order 72 of the Standing Orders of the House.

Bills may also be presented to the House for First Reading and those of urgent nature may be taken through the various stages in one day in accordance with Order 119. Papers and Committee reports may also be presented to the House.

Wednesday, the 25th of May (Africa Unity Day) is a statutory holiday and it is expected that the House will observe the day as such.