”It is unfair to tag the entire Judiciary as corrupt because about...

”It is unfair to tag the entire Judiciary as corrupt because about 92% of some Judges and Magistrates could not be corrupted”: Judge Sets Records Straight


A Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Dennis Dominic Adjei, has said that a strong judiciary is the backbone of every economy and any calculated attempt by some individuals to tag the entire Judiciary as corrupt for Ghanaians to lose confidence in the Judiciary would spell doom for the society.

Justice Adjei said this during the swearing-in of newly appointed Circuit Court Judges and Magistrates in Accra.

The Judge, who is also the President for the Association of Magistrates and Judges of Ghana (A.M.J.G), added that as a democratic country committed to freedom, probity, accountability and the rule of law, the people of Ghana should rather have confidence in the Judicial Council, which had not relented in its constitutional mandate for disciplining Judges who had flouted either a constitutional provision or law or Code of Conduct for Judges and Magistrates.

He further stated that there was no doubt that the recent Anas’ expose had painted the Judiciary black in the eyes of the world.

The Court of Appeal Judge however, explained that at the time of the expose, there were four hundred (400) Judges and Magistrates in Ghana and thirty-four (34) of that number was indicted, that is eight point five percent (8.5%).

Justice Adjei continued that out of the twelve (12) High Court Judges who were indicted, two (2) had retired and the preliminary investigation by the Chief Justice exonerated one of them and it was the cases of the remaining nine (9) Judges which was pending.

He reiterated that one of the twenty-two (22) Lower Bench Judges was also exonerated and the remaining twenty-one (21) were dismissed.

‘The above analysis discloses that those indicted by the expose were eight percent (8%). I shall not condone corruption but I am of the considered opinion that the indictment of eight point five percent (8.5%) by the expose was over exaggerated to include all Judges and Magistrates’, he enunciated.

The Judge also said that the percentage of the Judges who were indicted was a minute fraction of the Judiciary and it was unfair to tag the entire Judiciary as corrupt.

He also indicated that the media indeed over exaggerated the percentage of the Judges and Magistrates who were indicted by Anas, adding that the effect of bastardising all Judges and Magistrates had a serious negative impact on the economy as it would deter investors from investing in the country and those who might invest, might make provision for fora outside Ghana for breaches of contract to be determined.

‘Nothing should be done for the people to lose confidence in the Judiciary, when there is evidence that some Judges and Magistrates could not be corrupted and about ninety-two percent (92%) of the Judges and Magistrates were not indicted’, he warned.

Justice Adjei advised that any calculated attempt by some few individuals to attack the whole Judiciary without any basis must stop to straighten the dent caused to the entire Judiciary and also restore the confidence of the hardworking and upright Judges and Magistrates, whose spirits had been dampened as a result of the over generalised assault on the Judiciary.