Handbag Snatchers jailed

Handbag Snatchers jailed


Two Handbag Snatchers have been sentenced to 15 years each in prison with hard labour by a Circuit Court in Accra for robbery.

The Convicts snatched two handbags belonging to two ladies. The bags contained mobile phones and some other items worth thousands of Ghana cedis at Newtown and Pig Farm, both suburbs of Accra.

The Handbag Snatchers were arrested by the Police when a Taxi Driver knocked down a motorbike that they were riding on after they had struggled with another lady to snatch her handbag at AFGO, Airport but were unsuccessful.

Abubarkari Sadiq Mumuni and Albert Laryer (Convicts) were charged with four counts of robbery and they pleaded guilty to the charges with explanations but the Presiding Judge after listening to them enunciated that their explanations didn’t raise any defence to the charges preferred against them by the Police, hence entered a plea of guilty simplicita for the Convicts, adding that they were convicted on their own pleas.

Pleading for mitigation, the Convicts said that they deserved to be punished but the Court should deal leniently with them.

Pronouncing sentence, His Honour, Aboagye Tandoh was mindful of the Convicts’ plea for mitigation and the four days that they had been in custody and the fact that some of the stolen items were retrieved by the Police. Abubarkari and Albert were jailed 15 years each, on each of the four counts, to run concurrently.


Background to the Case

Hours earlier, DSP C.K. Abadamlora told the court that the Complainants are Police Officers at the National Headquarters Patrols Unit at the Police Headquarters, Accra whilst the first Accused, Abubarkari Sadiq Mumuni is an okada rider and the second Accused, Albert Laryea is unemployed.

The Prosecutor also said that on the 25th of April, 2016, at about 6:30am, the Convicts, who were riding an unregistered Honda motorbike, met their first victim, Victoria Owoo at the Newtown Commercial Bank area, snatched her handbag and sped off.

He added that the Convicts continued their operations at Pig Farm in Accra, and there they snatched one Gladys Naadi Banhu’s handbag when she alighted from a car. DSP Abadamlora reiterated that the Convicts also moved to the Cuban Embassy at Airport residential area where they met one Evelyn Botwe and snatched her handbag, adding that when she resisted letting her bag go, she was dragged on the floor until she left it for them.

The Police Officer further informed the court that the Convicts who were not satisfied with their booties went to AFGO at Airport area where they also tried to snatch a handbag from Grace Ametepe and Mary Akissi but luck eluded them when one of the victims (Grace) struggled with the first Accused (Abubarkari) and Mary started shouting for help.

The Prosecution also stated that in the course of the struggle, a taxi driver who was passing by saw the Convicts in the act and decided to help, stating that the Convicts, sensing danger jumped onto their motorbike and sped off. The taxi driver chased the Convicts and knocked the motorbike down with his car.

DSP Abadamlora continued that a Highway Patrol Team which was in the area also heard the shouting and went to the scene and the Convicts were arrested.

When a search was conducted on the Convicts, cash in the sum of GH 875.00 cedis was found in Abubarkari’s (A1) pants and four ladies’ bags containing different types of mobile phones and other items valued at GH 4,750.00 were also found hidden in Albert’s (A2) shirt at the Police Station. The victims who heard the news came and identified the Convicts and their various bags. The Convicts admitted the offences in their Caution Statements, the Prosecutor told the court.