Ex-convict convicted of robbery

Ex-convict convicted of robbery


An Ex-convict has been slapped with a 21-year jail term by a Circuit Court in Accra for robbery.

The Convict, Ali Ibrahim conspired with his accomplices (all at large) to rob one Marshall Ikenefuna of his Ford Escape vehicle worth GH 26,000.00 cedis, a Samsung galaxy mobile phone and cash in the sum of GH 4,500.00 cedis at gun point at Sakumono, a suburb of Accra.

In both his preliminary statement and evidence-in-chief, Ali denied the charges of conspiracy and robbery leveled against him by the Police, stating that he had nothing to do with the alleged robbery that took place.

The Prosecutor  in his cross-examination put it to the Convict that he, Ali had been convicted and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for similar offences before at the Tema Circuit Court, adding that the Convict would agree with him that he was an ex-convict. The Convict agreed with the Prosecutor adding that he was indeed convicted but he appealed against his sentence and it (sentence) was reduced from 15 years to 10 years. Ali also told the court that being an ex-convict didn’t mean that he would go back and commit the same crime knowing the consequences, adding that he was not a robber neither did he conspire with people to commit any offence.

After a full trial of the case for almost two months, the Court found Ali guilty of the offence of robbery and convicted him accordingly.

In sentencing the Convict, His Honour, Aboagye Tandoh asserted that Ali masterminded the whole robbery operation but unfortunately failed to escape with his accomplices when they were being arrested.

The Presiding Judge bemoaned the get-rich-quick attitude of some people especially the youth, adding that as energetic as Ali is, he could have channeled his energy to productive ventures in the society rather than committing robbery.

His Honour sentenced Ali to 21 years in prison with hard labour on for the offence of robbery but discharged him on the count of conspiracy after he had taken into consideration the Convict’s plea for mitigation that he was a breadwinner. The Judge was also mindful of the one and half months that Ali had been in custody whilst the case was being tried. His Honour added that the Court refrained from imposing a harsh sentence on the Convict having been informed by the Prosecution that Ali was an ex-convict.

Background to the Case

Narrating the brief facts of the case, the Prosecutor, Chief Inspector Adu told the court that the Complainant, Marshall Inkenefuna is a GIMPA student who lives at Sakumono whilst the first Accused (Convict), Ali Ibrahim is a car dealer and a resident at new York City, Ashiaman in Accra. He added that the second and third Accused persons, Kweku and Della are on the run (at large).

The Police also said that on the 28th of February 2016, at about 10:00am, a witness in this case saw the Convict in front of the Complainant’s house knocking on the main gate. He continued that when the witness approached the Convict, he told him that he was looking for a room to rent, adding that the witness told the Convict that the Complainant had gone out.

Chief Inspector Adu further indicated that on the 14th of March, 2016, at about 9:00am, the Complainant and his wife were sitting in their private car (Ford Escape) with registration number GN 9884-13, returning from town and as soon as they arrived at their main gate, the second and third Accused persons pointed a gun (pistol) at them and ordered the Complainant’s wife who was driving the vehicle to hand over the ignition key to them or else they would shoot them. The Prosecutor added that enveloped with fear and panic, the Complainant’s wife who was driving the vehicle handed over the ignition key to one of the Accused persons.

When the Complainant’s wife came out of the vehicle, she saw the Convict standing at the main gate of the house so she shouted for help and the neighbours within the community rushed to the scene and arrested the Convict who was about to join his accomplices and he was handed over to the Sakumono Police, the Police Officer said.

Chief Inspector Adu also informed the court that in the Convict’s Caution Statement, he stated that he and his two accomplices went to the Complainant’s house to rob him. The Prosecutor added that on the 16th of March, 2016, the Police had information that the said vehicle had been abandoned at Bentum spot at Kwashiman, a suburb of Accra.

The Police went to the scene with the Complainant and he identified the vehicle as his and during inspection of the car it was detected that an amount of GH 4,500.00 cedis which was kept in the vehicle had been stolen. The vehicle was brought to the Sakumono Police station. The Police retrieved the amount of GH 4,500.00 cedis and a Samsung galaxy mobile phone from the Convict and after investigation Ali Ibrahim was charged with robbery, Chief Inspector Adu said.