”A Lawyer in Ghana today should understand the global dynamics of the...

”A Lawyer in Ghana today should understand the global dynamics of the law”- CJ urges Lawyers

Georgina Theodora Wood, Chief Justice (CJ)

Ghana’s Chief Justice (CJ), Georgina Theodora Wood has urged Lawyers to keep abreast of the global dynamics of the law.

The Chief Justice said this during the Enrolment and Call to the Bar of new Lawyers (‘Mini Call’) in Accra, when fifty-nine (59) new Lawyers were called to the Bar.

Mrs Wood stated that the law was not an end in itself but a tool to aid societal development, adding that new Lawyers should endeavour to understand the law and society, as well as the law in society (societal implications of the application of law).

‘You need to understand the environment within which you operate at the national and international levels in order to function successfully. This appreciation is needed because of the imperatives of modern times derived from “information revolution, the wired and wireless world, global arms trade and terrorist threats, the dominance of the global market economy, the scale of environmental problems, massive refugee flows within continents and across oceans, rising demand for human rights”, the Chief Justice enunciated. She added that these issues, among others, had resulted in a complex, interdependent, interconnected and a rapidly changing world with complex legal implications.

The Chief Justice further indicated that Ghana was emerging as a middle income economy with human resource needs for diverse legal services in order to keep up with a highly competitive globalised world, adding that middle income economy, investors’ attraction to the country would depend to a large extent also on the integrity of the legal system viz a viz the protection it offers to investments.

‘A Lawyer in Ghana today should understand the global dynamics of the law in order to work out legal solutions in response to the emerging trends and complexities at the national and international level. Therefore, a continuing study of the law at all times, including postgraduate studies in specialised areas of the law, and other supporting competencies beyond the technical and professional level, to promote scholarship and help you deal effectively with issues that will arise within the sphere of your operations, are all matters you must give serious attention’, Mrs Wood urged.