Young Man jailed 11 years for robbing University of Ghana Student

Young Man jailed 11 years for robbing University of Ghana Student

Photo: The Convict, Asuma in a singlet

A Circuit Court in Accra has sentenced an unemployed Man to 11 (eleven) years in prison with hard labour for robbing a Student of the University of Ghana (UG).

The Convict, Mumim Asuma robbed one Angela Ayinne Agambila, a student of UG of her ‘;Samsung Galaxy A5 mobile phone, a Huawei and ZTE mobile phones, two pairs of ladies’ cross sandals, two necklaces and one bag, all to the tune of 2,405 Ghana Cedis. He also made away with her Student’s drivers’ licence, ladies’ purse and two Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) cards. The rest of the items were a Bible, documents and cash in the sum of 1,350 Ghana Cedis. The total amount of the above stated items and the sum of money stolen by the Convict is 3,755 Ghana Cedis.

When the Police conducted a search in the Convict’s room, out of the cash sum of 1,350 Ghana Cedis stolen, 500 Cedis was found. The Complainant’s bags containing the above listed items, with the exception of the two necklaces were also retrieved from the Convict’s room.

Asuma who made his first appearance in court without a Defence Counsel pleaded guilty to the charge of robbery leveled against him by the Prosecution but with explanation. In his explanation, the Convict who was in tears told the Judge that he was very hungry that was why he committed the offence, adding that the Court should be lenient with him. He was convicted on his own plea.

In sentencing, the presiding judge, His Honour Aboagye Tandoh took into consideration the Convict’s plea for mitigation and the fact that he had been in Police custody for four days. The Judge added that the Convict also didn’t waste the court’s time. His Honour was also mindful of the fact that some of the items and part of the money that were stolen by the Convict had been retrieved by the Police.

Having considered the applicable law, the Judge sentenced Asuma to 11 (eleven) years in prison with hard labour.

The Judge also ordered the Prosecution to return the retrieved items and the money to the Complainant (Angela).


Presenting the brief facts of the case in court, the Prosecutor, Superintendent Kwaku Bempah said that the Complainant is a student of the University of Ghana, Legon while the Convict is unemployed and a resident of Shiashie, a suburb of Accra.

The Police Officer also stated that on the 26th of August, 2016, at about 9:00pm, while the Complainant was returning from Madina and was heading towards Legon Main Campus, the Convict followed her closely, monitoring her movement.

Superintendent Bempah further informed the Court that upon reaching George Benneh’s roundabout near Legon Sports Stadium, the Convict pounced on her and held her bag trying to take it away from the Complainant but she resisted and as a result, a struggle ensued between them.

The Prosecutor also narrated that eventually the Convict was able to overpower the Complainant and took away with her bag containing the above listed items.

He added that during investigations, the Police were able to arrest the Convict and a search conducted in his room in his presence revealed that the Complainant’s bag contained all the aforementioned items, with the exception of the two necklaces.

Superintendent Bempah also said that out of the cash sum of 1,350 Ghana Cedis stolen, 500 Cedis was found. The Prosecution added that the Convict admitted the offence of robbery in his Caution Statement.