Speed up land litigation matters in Courts – Deputy Majority Leader urges...

Speed up land litigation matters in Courts – Deputy Majority Leader urges Judges


The Deputy Majority Leader of Ghana’s Parliament, Sarah Adwoa Safo, has called on the Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood, to impress on Judges to expedite land litigation matters in the country’s various courts.

Hon. Adwoa Safo made this appeal on the floor of Parliament, when she was commenting on a statement on the Menace of Land Guards, delivered by the Member of Parliament for Gomoa East, Kojo Asemanyi.

‘Mr. Speaker, some land litigation matters are overly delayed in our courts. Being a senior Member at the Bar, I know that you know about this problem I’m talking about. Many land cases have even traveled to 20 and 30 years and are still in the courts. We are urging the Judicial Service, the Chief Justice in particular, to expedite some of these land litigation matters in our courts’, she appealed.

The Deputy Majority Leader also said that the prolonged judgment in some of the courts gives land guards and some people the room to take the law into their hands, because they think there is no judgment anyway, adding that, even in cases where injunctions have been placed, you see them flouting the laws.

She further indicated that the Land Administration system of Ghana should improve, pushing that the Real Estate Agencies Authority Bill, which the 6th Parliament was unable to pass, should be relooked, and reintroduced to the House for consideration.

Hon. Adwoa Safo also explained that the purpose of the Bill was to introduce a sales certificate for all land owners, stating that this sales certificate will only be given by a lawyer or an officer approved by that authority, so that people don’t go to other places to buy lands knowing that they will not get that certificate.

‘Mr. Speaker, if one gets a certificate from that authority, it will be the only justification for land registration at the Land Commission or the Land Title Registry. I think that if we are able to pass this law and make sure that it is implemented to the latter, we will do away with this menace of land guards’, she said.

The Lawmaker also called on government to equip the Property Fraud Unit of the Ghana Police Service, to take care of land fraud, which includes the activities of land guards, furthering that government will put in place good land reforms in the country’s land administration process.