Make funds available for building new court houses because most of them...

Make funds available for building new court houses because most of them are in bad condition – Chief Justice appeals

Georgina Theodora Wood, Chief Justice (CJ)

Ghana’s Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood, has appealed to the Central Government, to make funds available, for building new court houses, and for maintenance purposes.

Her Ladyship made the appeal, when she was delivering a speech on the occasion of the dedication of the renovated court rooms of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, in Accra.

‘I would like to end with these two crucial appeals. Truth is that most of our court houses across the country do not inspire much public confidence, as they remain in deplorable conditions. It is true that justice is founded on the integrity and legal capability of those who administer it. But the building and physical space from which justice is administered, adds to the trust and confidence issues’, the Chief Justice said.

She therefore appealed to the Central Government to make funds available for building new court houses, renovating, refurbishing court houses and for maintenance purposes, in order not to hamper the administration of justice, and undermine the fundamental right of access to justice.

The Honourable Lady also stated that due to the increased cost of renovating the entire Supreme Court building, coupled with their budgetary constraints, they limited the scope of work to the three main Court rooms, housing the Supreme Court and the Criminal and Civil Divisions of the Court of Appeal, the two small High Courts, the Judge’s Conference Rooms, Judges’ Chambers, Registries, adjoining offices and rooms.

‘I am happy to report that we have created a separate lawyer/client conference room for use by lawyers and their clients, so as to avoid a resort to the use of the hallways, when the need arises for them to hold brief emergency consultations on a court day’, she indicated.

A Justice of the Supreme Court, J.B. Akamba, was honoured for serving the Judicial Service, for almost 40 years.