Former Speaker touts 6th Parliament’s Achievements: says he has done his best

Former Speaker touts 6th Parliament’s Achievements: says he has done his best

Photo: Hon. Edward Doe Adjaho, Speaker of Parliament

Ghana’s Speaker of the 6th Parliament of the 4th Republic, Edward Doe Adjaho, has touted the achievements of the 6th Parliament, as satisfactory, throughout its four year tenure.

Mr. Adjaho said this on the floor of the House, at the final sitting of the 3rd Meeting of the 4th Session of the 6th Parliament of the 4th Republic.

‘I am indeed glad that, together with the 6th Parliamentary Service Board and Leadership of the House, and with your support, we are able to, at the end of our term, bequeath to the next Speaker and Parliament, significantly improved infrastructure and logistics to support their work’, the former Speaker touted.

He also listed the refurbished Job 600 office complex, the refurbished chamber of Parliament, and the newly established police and fire stations within the precincts of Parliament, as some of the achievements of the 6th Parliament.

The former Speaker further stated that the inaugurated Parliamentary Training Institute, which is intended to equip and build the capacity of Members and Staff with the right skills and knowledge, is another laudable achievement of the 6th Parliament.

‘I must also state that throughout my parliamentary career, and in particular as Speaker of this august House, I have been required by my duties and responsibilities to make several choices and decisions, some of which may have been pleasant and others hard. I wish to state that, while not by any means laying claim to perfection, I have discharged my duties as Speaker to the best of my ability, and the choices and decisions I have made were neither dictated by malice, ill-will nor self-interest but rather well-intended and made in utmost good faith’, he recounted.

He further pointed out that as to his performance as a Speaker of the 6th Parliament, he believes he should leave it to posterity to judge.

Mr. Adjaho added that he has done his best to build on and add value to the work, programmes and projects he inherited, some of which were initiated by his predecessors.