Court convicts ex-convict of attacking prison officers at James Camp prison

Court convicts ex-convict of attacking prison officers at James Camp prison


A Circuit Court in Accra, has fined an Ex-convict, for causing unlawful damage and threat of harm.

The Convict, Emmanuel Amuzu and his accomplices, who were inmates of the Senior Correctional Centre at James Camp prison in Accra, caused damage to the doors and windows of their dormitory, and threatened the prison officers of the camp, with knives and stones.

This happened, after some officers of the camp had confronted one of the accomplices of the Convict, Abdul Wakil Bamba, and retrieved a concealed Indian hemp in a black polythene bag from him. His accomplice was to be discharged from the prison the next day, hence was allowed by a duty officer, to wash his clothes and trim his hair. His accomplice took advantage of that and left the prison yard to an unknown place, and returned, and attempted to enter his dormitory with concealed marijuana.

The Convict and his accomplices, according to court documents, chased the prison officers with their weapons, until they were saved by their colleague officers from the James Camp prison.  Four of the Accused persons went back to the camp and further caused damage to 20 plastic chairs, four wooden tables, five beds, three water closet seats, 22 roofing sheets, among others, at the camp. They were later arrested by the prison task force.

The Convict was charged with two counts of causing unlawful damage and another count of threat of harm. He pleaded not guilty to the charges leveled against him by the Prosecution, hence the case was tried for almost a year. After full trial of the case, he was found guilty and convicted. He was fined 2,400 Cedis (200 penalty units). In default of the fine, he will be imprisoned for six months.

It is worth noting that the Convict had just finished serving a six month jail term, at the Senior Correctional Centre for stealing, in a different case.

His accomplices, with the exception of Abdul Wakil Bamba, who was charged with the offence of possessing narcotic drugs, were charged with similar offences, but pleaded not guilty to the charges. They  were 17 years old (under aged), respectively, when the court commenced trial of the case last year (November 2015), hence their sentence was remitted to the Juvenile Court, for judgment to be pronounced. They are Mohammed Anas, Francis Opoku, Prince Asante and Abdul Wakil Bamba.

The case was presided over by His Honour, Aboagye Tandoh, while Chief Inspector Kwabena Adu, was the Prosecutor.